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Morocco Home Style

             Decoration of Morocco Style

Morocco's 1001 night fairy tale...

It was seven years ago that this couple visited Morocco for the first time. It was love at first sight, especially with the exotic Marrakech, the former imperial city of Morocco, which is known as the Red City for its predominantly red-colored buildings. The country is located in the north of Africa, directly bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara Dessert while the Mediterranean Sea separates it with the country of Spain.

From their trips, they found out that there are two different classification of the Moroccan architecture: a simple architecture marked with beautiful but non elaborate design and a heavily ornamented architecture in the style of Baroque architecture. For comfort as well as aesthetic reasons, a clean cut shape with strong Moroccan influences was selected by the couple. This is evident in the color pallets of the walls and furniture. Burst of maroon and terracotta warmly accentuate the rooms, complementing the antique wooden furniture. In keeping with the clean look, there are no elaborate or intricate carvings in this house. Inspired by the French Renaissance movement in Morocco, several elegant chandeliers are hung in the ceilings.

Each rooms has its own function and is only separated by a glass window ornamented with a trellis depicting flower petals and leaves. The Moroccan style here is shown through the wooden door pattern, the water fountain in the backyard, ceiling treatment made of organza material, as well as the walls which are dominated with natural colors. Clear room demarcation ensures that the privacy of each house member is guarded.

How to Create a Relaxed Moroccan Seating Area

Sofas and tables

Get away from the pressure and relax in a comfortable and soft Moroccan decor with these few Moroccan decorating ideas for your lounge and living room!

Moroccan décor is known for its relaxing environment. To create the distinct Moroccan look, choose inviting sofas and tables set low to the ground. Moroccan sofas are usually made of leather, wooden or metal platforms. A good Moroccan decorating tip to easily create a relaxing home interior is to place your Moroccan sofas or custom-made corner bed against the walls. This will provide you more space and will instantly set a comfortable tone to your living room! Don’t forget that your goal is to create an inviting seating area where your family and guests will want to pass a lot of time. For this, add to the room carved wooden chairs and benches, ottomans and leather poufs placed around tea or opium tables made from Thuja trees. 

How to: Create a Moroccan-themed Bedroom
Give a distinctive Moroccan look to your bedroom with these 4 useful decorating tips!

1. Choose warm colors To create a romantic and exotic atmosphere, start by painting your walls with natural rich colors such as deep purple, saffron gold, cobalt blue or warm cinnamon red. Don’t forget to balance these shades with earthy tones like brown or sand and to adapt them with the chosen accessories. For the ceiling, select a lighter shade that will contrast with the rich colors used on the walls but avoid white. The molding (doors, window frames, baseboards…) should also contrast with the ceilings and walls or match with them. Blue can be a good option for the doors because it’s considered as a good luck color in Morocco. 

 2. Select carved wood and iron furniture You can rather adapt your existing furniture to give a Moroccan look by painting it in dark tones or buy new authentic one. Flea markets and garage sales are great places to find nice Moroccan pieces. Go for wrought iron or dark wood benches, chairs, tea tables and armoires painted with Moroccan motif. For your bedding, a headboard with oriental designs is a perfect choice!

3. Opt for airy fabrics for your windows Lightweight fabrics in warm or lighter shades are preferred to heavy drapes in order to let the light into your room.  

4. Choose exotic lighting Moroccan candles and lanterns will instantly give a beautiful Moroccan feel to your bedroom. Don’t hesitate to place mirrors on the walls to reflect the light! Henna lighting is also a popular choice in Morocco that will create an interesting mood.

5 Essential Moroccan Decor Accessories

Here are five essential ones you should consider for any room of your home! Mirrors Mirrors are an essential accessory to include in your Moroccan decor, especially for the living room or the bedroom.

 Depending on what you have in mind, you can choose between decorated frames with intricate designs or simpler style with a lacy design. Mosaic Table Tops Colorful Moroccan design for mosaic table tops are also accessories you may want to include in your decor, alone or with vases or lamps of the same style.

You can choose between carved inlays or painted designs. Pottery Created the old fashioned way with natural clay, Moroccan pottery are unique art pieces that can easily give an oriental look to your decor. The vases are original as well, stamped with metal or painted with attractive accents. Lighting To give your home a Moroccan feel, don’t forget to also consider the lighting fixtures. Many lighting types are available, from chandeliers to sconces, lanterns or lamps. Opt for lampshades made from animal skins (goat, sheep…) or go for stained glass, bead or metal.

For the colors, select energetic ones! Classic Area Rugs Moroccan rugs created by hand always add a perfect final touch to a Moroccan decor. Rich colors and sophisticated designs are very popular. You can simply display the rugs on the floor or hang them on the wall as decorative tapestry.


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